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capter : two the party  and first love
( mean while at hokage catles lady tsunade tell iurkto have party )
tsunade: come in kakashi .
kakashi : yes my lady
tsunade : we going to have a party .kakasuki your misson invatoin to party ok .
kakatsuki : as you wish my lady .
( mean akatsuki hidout kakatsuki ring the bell tobi run to the door )
kakashi : massage for you .
tobi : thanks you kakashi
kakashi : you welcome .
( tobi run to pein )
tobi : pein an invation for us :
pein : Let me see the invation .
( as pein read the invation )
pein : call the meeting
( pein call akatsuki clan .)
pein : welcome my firnd I know this sat  going maskparty to village .
we going are to party but find a comtus ok.
all . ok ( so they find comtusm )
konan : went  going on why akatuki going in costusm
deiara: we are going to the party un. at place un
konan ; well Iam going  too but late night
deidara; oh rely un well good luck un .
( he left to her room. at  night they leves to party )
konan : now dress up like a princess now call my cloud ninbus
(she left to akatsuki hidout mean party people wear masks and costusem
itachi : no bodydance with ah sasuke .
sasuke : it is true brother
tsunade : so pein how you doing this year .
pein : fine  beitful moonmigth tsunade .
tsunade : sure is .
( enter konan )
sasori : wellwell it konan she had made with mask .
tobi : realy ? sasori no danna
sasori : tobi
( itachi saw mysteise woman with mask on )
itachi : who she brother ?
sasuke ; ???
itachi : pein who is that woman .
pein ; she is  konan .
itachi:she beuitaful and pretty  ( itachi come to konan )
mayhave dance konan.
konan : sure itachi I loved to dance with you , ( so they dance at  ball room afterthey dance went out said sit at water fountain talk each orther
itachi : konan  look at midligth of moon .it remaimed me day I met you
konan : it beuitaful itachi say itachi do youloved me itachi san ? .
itachi : sure Ido konan do  love me .
konan : just little bit
itachi : konan
konan: itachi ( they  firth kiss of true love  haer chursh souned of place )
konan : that it   
itachi : oroachimaru?
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